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Dumbflakes for Breakfast, Humble House Records

Review in Maverick, a monthy magazine for fans of country music (04/09)

Maverick review.

Cashbox magazine - Westhues

Mike Westhues has been around for over 30 years, plugging away at his brand of Country Music. Mike began his career in 1970 playing coffee houses from his native Indiana, across the South and up the East Coast. In 1971 he boarded a plane to Helsinki, Finland where he fell in love with the Helsinki Music Scene. He carved a niche for himself in the Scandanavian Countries and this new cd arrived for review from Helsinki, Finland.

The new cd comprises many elements of country music, from traditional, honky tonk, folk and country blues. Songs include "Fools Like Us", "47 Ford". "Scrambled Red Eyes" and J.D.'s favorite "Arkansas Line"

For those desiring the finer, different sounds in music. Four and a half stars

Blue Suede News -

Sometimes a song grabs you from the very first notes and sometimes a whole album has that effect. Dumbflakes for Breakfast does it to me, you can feel the pain, experiences of a life lived to the fullest with all its ups and downs from loving to leaving. What Watermelon Slim is to the Blues community, Mike Westhues is to the field of roots music with his gravely vocals, wry lyrics packaged into a frame of a man that had his share of bar room romances, whiskeys and days and nights spend at the roadhouse saloon.

He's been a world traveler since 1971, first hitchhiking through the USA, then moving to Finland, later Sweden, back to the USA and finally Finland again. Helsinki is were he recorded these 13 original tunes, beautifully backed by a team of first rate players (guitars, acoustic bass, drums, piano plus occasionally dobro and organ). The opener Bettin' On Love (a fine slow Country shuffle) and the energetic Fools Like Us come to full life with a great female chorus - the latter with a bit of a New Orleans flair. The haunting 47 Ford sounds autobiographical, Hide-Away St. Bar swings and Raindrops On Your Doorstep is another sad shuffle.

Mike Westhues spices it up with the toe-tappin' roots rocker 53rd And Vine with sizzling Blues slide guitar and pounding piano. Another fine bluesy track is the slow groovin' If You Don't Mind My Company Ray Charles style. Scrambled Red Eyes is a great piece with Rockabilly style guitar and the yummy Tennessee Stew (about eating roadkill) combines a variety of Blues and Rock'n'Roll influences to maximum effect, sounds like a real crowd pleaser to me!

This is an excellent release with lots of heart and soul. Often in a laid back mood but always passionately delivered songs with gritty lyrics and vocals and a great sound that should make an impact in the Blues, Americana/Roots music and possibly Country scene. -GMB

Shades of Blue, Bluelight Records

Review in Maverick, a monthy magazine for fans of country music.

See Your Eyes - 1997, RFD Records

"Making an all too rare appearance , Indianapolis based singer/songwriter,  Mike Westhues is releasing his latest C.D. this Saturday at The Junction in Bloomington IN. The new project is a great listen, a blend of blues, rock, and folk, that I would call,  "Bluesy Folk Rock". According to Mike (and we critics), "When I write tunes for an album, I don't just sit down and write for one style--how boring!!! There is always going to be a certain amount of blues."  Mike Westhues is definitely an artist that, as a listener of quality music , you should add to your musical database!
Margo Snideker - Bloomington Voice

"Mike Westhues is one of the most distinctive and original voices today on the music scene. Having spent the 70's in Scandinavia, learning his craft with four critically acclaimed LPs  (he made a few bucks too), Mike has continued to write, perform, and record music since then. As Mike stated it to me so eloquently, "I'm in for the long haul". See Your Eyes is a very compelling piece of art!! If you are lacking for something new , check Mike out--I mean, he's only been at it for 30 years!!"
George Fish - Nuvo

"Mike Westhues has been around the block! I can't really describe Mike's music in one word--let's just say that it's damn good. If you're longing for something with a bit of substance, and a hell of a lot of diversified songwriting, Mike's for you!!"
Blue Suede News - Seattle

Streetlight Reflections - 1993, RFD Records

"Mike's latest recording effort on the RFD label is a richly textured collection of blues, jazz, rock-n-roll and country. Amazingly professional for an 8 track project, it showcases Westhues' talents as a singer, songwriter and producer!"
Grace Blanchard - Nuvo

"Whatever side of the bed that you woke up on this morning, you need to consider Indianapolis' Mike Westhues. I have to applaud Mike even before the music starts. You see, he sings his own and has been for the past 30 years! Take for instance Motor City Casualty. As smooth as the glass of beer you should be drinking as you tap your foot to this song! Or perhaps Cold Wind Blows. Mike's scrappy, gruff vocals mixes great with the wailing sax. A gem!"
Greg Bartlett - J.A.M. Magazine

"Mike Westhues' music is an amalgamation of styles and influences that will appeal to every "music" lover with ears that know no boundaries! Blues, jazz, rock, folk, and country themes that intertwine with heart-felt lyrics to produce a solid musical project. On Hide-Away Street Bar,  the opening tinkling ivories set the stage for a jazzy-funky romp with honking sax and sweet female harmonies that would make Lyle Lovett forget Julia Roberts. A very worthy addition to anyone's music collection!"
T.C. Combs - Blues Society of Indiana

Frozen Hay - 1991, RFD Records

"The characters in Frozen Hay are sometimes tragic, sometimes victims of their own innocence, but undeniably human, and that 's where marketability lives. If you want songs that mirror human feelings, and stories simple enough to relate to, listen to Frozen Hay. Mike Westhues captures life as it truly is: understated, but rich with feeling!"
Dave Mac - Music Director, WTTS

"Great C.D.! I played When I Go and Stop What You're Doing. Frozen Hay is a collection of musical styles that all work together to weave an accurate musical portrait of an accomplished singer/songwriter. A must listen!
Jeff Brown - Musical Director, KTOO

"Rarely in the entertainment industry do you chance across anyone with depth of character, cosmopolitan experience, and yet simple desires and positive self image. But the Higher Being that rules my life must have seen that I was becoming a little too jaded because He/She/It deemed that I meet someone for whom the honorable title musician fits. His name is Mike Westhues! His personality is as casual as his faded blue jeans. Mike's music tells tales of life as life really is. If you want to experience music that's honest and damn good, then go out and buy "Frozen Hay". I've become a fan!
Beth Zabel - Nuvo

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